About US

Tazama Africa is in the business of helping you create memories to last a lifetime.  With over a decade of experience in the safari business, we know what works.

Our outstanding guides and staff are experts who ensure your trip is seamless from start to finish. We offer authentic safaris, giving you up an up-close glimpse of these incredible ecosystems at the pace you'd prefer.

We partner with outfitters that share our passion of environmentally sustainable business practices and commit to buying local, organic and women-owned where possible.

When you travel with us, you are family. Whether it's on the slopes of Kilimanjaro or the plains of the Serengeti, we promise to deliver an experience that is authentic, adventurous, and awe-inspiring! We can't wait to share our home with you.


Our Impact

We believe in the power of travel to bring about positive impact, both for visitors and the local communities.

We are committed to providing services that use sustainable environmental practices, benefit locally owned small businesses wherever possible, and experiences that are culturally sensitive.


We believe in authentic travel experiences that are respectful and mindful of local culture, ecosystems and communities.

Our positive impact program aims at inspiring a love for nature and conservation in Tanzanian youth. We partner with non-governmental organizations and schools to bring young Tanzanians into the national parks to learn about Tanzania's ecosystems and how they can get involved in conserving the environment for the future.

We are commited to reducing waste, buying local and organic, using low-impact business practices.

We are commited to fair wages and above industry standards for our employees. Our talented, dedicated, and passionate staff are the heart and soul of our company who work tirelessly to ensure your trip is amazing from start to finish. From our porters and chefs to our guides and office staff we are commited to supporting and investing in them for the long term.


we're inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

Most Tanzanian youth don't get the chance to visit a national park, let alone experience what the thousands of tourists do when they visit Tanzania. We partner with local non-governmental organizations to bring young men and women into the national parks. They study the ecology of the national park and spend the day with our guides tracking down wildlife. Our hope is that by giving Tanzanian youth the chance to experience the bush, they are developing a love and appreciation for nature. When you travel with Tazama Africa, you are helping develop the next generation of Tanzanian convervationists.

When you travel with us, you're helping inspire the next generation of conservationists