Safari, Football and Friendship

One of the things we discussed early on when we began our own safari company was our responsibility to create a positive impact. We decided one of the ways we were going to do that was by inspiring a love for nature in Tanzanian youth from a young age. We do this by providing opportunities for young Tanzanians to "see the bush" and learn about the important ecosystems right in their own backyard. We hope that some of these young people will go on to be future conservationists, leading the way for positive change across East Africa's precious ecosystems.

In May 2018, we partnered with Lengo Football Academy to bring 20 of their young football players into Tarangire National Park. The group spent the day with our guides exploring the park and learning about wildlife. They also talked about the environment around their home and what they can do to help keep it clean. A special thank you to the Lengo Football Academy for partnering with us and to our staff who worked hard to give these young people a life-changing opportunity.

Of course, all of this is only made possible when you choose to travel with us. We are thankful to have clients who are as passionate as we are about travel being a catalyst for conservation and empowerment of locals.

-Jaff and Kailey