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Lemosho Route


Lemosho combines all the best feature of the Machame route in terms of success rate but by starting further round to the West, it takes you up and over the spectacular Shira Plateau and at the same time avoids the crowds on the early part of the Machame route. Over 8 days, you have a fantastic journey and a great chance of summiting successfully.



The climb begins at Londorossi Gate, at an altitude of 2360 metres, with an approach far to the west of the mountain. It then circles around Kilimanjaro to the south, passing through majestic rainforest where some of the region’s most unique wildlife can often be seen. The route continues up to the mountain’s third summit at Shira Ridge. From there you will cross the famed Shira Plateau and see the awe inspiring Shira Cathedral before reaching Shira Camp on the main Machame route on day three. This allows a few days of quiet climbing overlooking some amazing terrain before taking the more heavily travelled route to the summit. After reaching the summit, you will descend by the Mweka trail, rather than retracing your steps along the ascent route.


what's included:

  • Camping equipment

  • Private portable toilet

  • drinking water

  • all meals 

  • Emergency evacuation down the mountain

  • Government taxes 

  • All National Park entrance fees, porter and guide fees

  • Transfer to and from Arusha to Kilimanjaro gate


Detailed Itinerary - 8 Days

Day 1

For our first day on the mountain, we will collect you from the hotel and drive to Londorossi Gate where we will register with the park, whilst our porters sort out the supplies and equipment for the trek. Next, we'll be hiking through the forest along a lovely trail until we reach Mti Mkubwa (which means Big Tree) Camp, where we will spend the night.

Day 2

Today, we'll head out for the Shira plateau. Shira was once Kilimanjaro's third and lowest volcanic peak, but has eroded to a high plateau in the eons since it last erupted. As we make our way out of the forest and into high moorlands, the nights will begin to get really cold. The campsite at Shira 1 will be warm and dry though.

Day 3

This will be a long hike but at a steady and gentle gradient. We'll cross the high point over the Shira Caldera, and then descend to an off-the-beaten-path camp at Moir Hut. Moir Hut Camp offers an amazing view of Arrow Glacier, and a welcome night's sleep after a long trek.

Day 4

Follows a rugged path southwards, rising to 4600 metres at Lava Tower where we will stop for lunch and a chance to get used to the altitude. Expect to be at least winded, as the effects of the low air pressure usually begin to make themselves felt at this height. Camp will be around two hours away in Barranco Valley, beneath the Great Barranco Wall and more than 600 metres lower. Walk high, sleep low. The view of the Western Breach from camp is amazing.

Day 5

The fifth day on the mountain takes us to the top of the Great Barranco Wall for lunch before descending the scree to Karanga Valley Camp for the night. You won't need poles to ascend the Wall, but you'll want to keep your hands free. This part of the trek is a bit more work than it has been so far, but the view from atop the Wall (and another day of acclimatisation to prepare us for the summit) is well worth it.

Day 6

This is the last day before the summit attempt. It is deliberately short so we can get some rest and as much sleep as possible. We'll link up with the Mweka descent trail and make our way up towards Barafu Hut and the end of the Southern Circuit. The peaks of both Mawenzi and Kibo can be seen from camp, but don't spend too much time enjoying the view. Big day tomorrow!

Day 7

Summit Day! We'll be up before midnight for a hot drink and a snack, and then up the mountain we go! Our path will take us north-west from Barafu across heavy scree, then we'll snake between Rebman and Ratzel Glaciers to reach Stella Point (5732 metres) just before dawn. We'll take a breather at Stella Point, and see something few in the world ever will: sunrise at the top of Kilimanjaro! Next is the final ascent (in daylight) to Uhuru Peak itself, and the actual summit of Kilimanjaro. Finally, we'll make our way to Mweka Camp, some 2700 metres below. The good news is it is much easier going down, and we'll have a big dinner and our cosy sleeping bag and tent  waiting for us for our last night on the mountain

Day 8

Our last day on Kilimanjaro will see us going back through the jungle to Mweka Park Gate. There you will receive your official summit certificate, and we will drive you back to your hotel. Celebrate a little, then get some rest. You've earned it!



  • Offers the most scene route of Kilimanjaro, crossing 6 ecological zones from lush rainforest to the harsh, beautiful arctic zone

  • The longer path of Lemosho allows for ample time to acclimatization, which is why this route has one of the highest success rates 

  • It offers trekkers the experience of hiking across the Shira Plateau – one of the largest high altitude plateaus in the world

  • The starting point is relatively remote providing trekkers with a rather untouched and wild start to their Kilimanjaro adventure. Spotting large wildlife, like antelope, buffalo and even elephant is unusual but not impossible

  • The route also provides unparalleled and spectacular views of the dramatic gorges that characterize the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro